Spain Soccer Academy



Spain Soccer Academy

Is an International Elite Football Soccer Academy located in Seville (Spain, Europe). We welcome international students who are looking to train and compete in their favourite sport and study abroad in High School, Spanish lessons or University. It is a complete student exchange program that unites studies and sports.


The SSA Method is a training plan of actions aimed at sports, human growth and self-knowledge of the students. The 3 fundamental parts of our method are:

Train for Life

It is based on the training of emotional intelligence (self-knowledge, self-control, self-motivation, social skills, leadership, courage …) that will be transferred to training, competition and life situations.

Train the Spanish Game Model

Way to train and compete of the best Spanish teams, with their own style of play, a positive attitude and dominating the ball in the attack and defense phase of football.

Education and Support

The objective is that the student be supported by: tutors, professors, psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, coaches, mates. And at the same time that he plays football that is formed in academic studies or in the learning of a new language like Spanish, investing time in his educational training.

Avenida de Dinamarca s/n

Monday to Friday:
10,00 h. a 15,00h

+34 696 16 41 96